Hello and thanks for popping in!

My name is Bernard and I've been working with a lot of web-scrapers, specifically in Python programming language.
I found Scrapecrow as a free educational resource on this incredible subject of web-scraping and all of it's related bits (reverse-engineering, data management, testing etc.)

Goal of this blog platform is to provide a community for these subjects that are unsurprisingly very secretive. Main principles of this blog platform is to:

  • Teach by example.
  • For intermediate/advanced python developers.
  • Reach for best web-scraping practices
  • Explore new and unknown

If you'd like to contribute an article or fix any mistakes feel free to open up an issue or pull request on github: granitosaurus/scrapecrow
If you'd like to support this project you can hire me! or buy me a ☕ of coffee

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